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Courtney Olinger, PsyD, LMFT 49051

Virginia License # 0717001975


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PLEASE NOTE: I am unable to take new clients at this time. 


Courtney's Professional Journey

From my initial MFT traineeship on, I have worked with adults dealing with life challenges, stressors, depression, anxiety, and a myriad  of general mental health concerns.  Many of my clients along the way have been navigating identity and experiences in which they have been marginalized or oppressed. I have learned from my clients which I continue to do and believe makes me a better therapist each time. 


My career has been rich with a variety of roles while always  getting to do what I truly love, engage clients in psychotherapy (aka mental health counseling). Throughout my mental health training I worked with individuals ages 4-65 experiencing a range of concerns. I have a breadth of experience (both lived and professional) and training in supporting neurodivergent individuals, those with learning differences, Queer and Trans individuals, and individuals/families with relational concerns. I have 20+ years experience supporting autistic youth and adults. In my traineeship, I was also fortunate to develop a collaboration with the LGBT Center Latina Services. I continue to attend workshops and provide services to many LGBTQIA+ youth and adults with a particular interest in supporting Transgender and Non-binary persons.

I began my professional journey in psychological services when working with autistic children, providing behavioral support in homes in 2000. My initial behavioral work expanded to clinic, classroom and community settings. Through this work, I realized a passion in working with the whole family and my hopes to transcend the limitations that third party payors put on provision of services as well as what is possible for the child and family. When working with children, I have always been inspired by play-based and naturalistic interventions. While some behavioral concepts have been helpful to explore with parents and educators, there were also many limitations and problems associated with rigid protocol and narrow understandings of the person, mental health and neurodiversity. I continued to consult with public and charter schools for 16 years (primarily Cajon Valley Union School District), bringing these emerging ideas to promote respectful supports that kept the individual center to their own services. My experience working with children, in schools, in community mental health and in a neurology healthcare clinic guides me when supporting youth and particularly when consulting with parents. My work currently is informed by neurodiversity affirming principals and practices, LGBTQIA+ affirming practices and principals, disability justice, and commitment to continued learning about ways to support BIPOC individuals and communities. 

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